Buying a custom cake 

We want your custom cake experience to be the absolute best, so the team at Cake Wellington take a personal approach make sure your cake is unique. We will work with you to create your special celebration cake for any event.

Ordering a custom cake from Cake Wellington starts with you and your ideas or perhaps the theme of the event you are planning. Perhaps you have seen an image of a cake that gives you inspiration! Bring us the idea and we will help turn it in to a beautiful cake.

We will make a time to talk with you about your ideas and ask a few questions. We need to know how many people you want to serve, what flavour cake you would like, what sort of filling and outer icing you would like and the theme of the decoration have in mind. From there we will talk to you about options and ideas for the design of your cake, inside and out.

Once we have agreed the design, we will work out a price and give you a quote to consider before you order your cake. A fully bespoke custom cake will start from $180 including the consultation.

The price of the cake is made up of a combination of: the cake (ingredients and size); the non-edible elements (packaging and additional decoration); and the time it takes to create the cake (skilled labour costs)


Making your custom cake

Things we consider:

The cake – flavour, size or number of servings, dietary requirements

Structure – single or multiple tiers, sculpted shapes

Decoration – cake covering (e.g. fondant or buttercream), fondant or piped details (e.g. writing, cut out images, patterns), three dimensional decor (e.g. characters, flowers bows, flags, modelling), non-edible decoration (e.g. ribbons, candles), special effects (e.g. spray painting, stencilling, hand painting)

Because we want to give our customers the best experience, we ask to allow for two weeks from consultation to final product. This way we can make sure that your cake is given the priority it needs to be perfect on the day.

So call or email now to arrange a consultation and book a date for your totally unique and beautiful cake made with love just for you!

04 477 3600