Cake Wellington is back in action!

Hello and welcome to “Cake Wellington is back in action”, our latest blog. The team at Cake Wellington are excited to be back in business following the Covid-19 Alert Level 3 Lockdown.  This means we are getting going again with making cupcakes, birthday cakes and all kinds of celebration cakes to tempt you. Take a look at our Sweet and Simple range Soon we will be extending our range so keep your eyes open!

Sophisticated drip cake

We decided it would be a great idea to start making some regular posts to let you know how things are going in the cake making world of Cake Wellington.  We have some ideas for posts to get us started and we will try to put something up a couple of times a week. We are going to take it in turns to post so you get to know the whole team a little more each time.

We’ll start first with a post introducing ourselves. Since we took over the business from Theja in January, our feet have been pretty much running at full speed and so we haven’t really had a chance to tell you about us and how we came to be here!

Next we thought we would let you know a bit about what we have been doing during our own Lockdown time. As we all shared a ‘bubble’ we have been lucky to have the opportunity to practice our new cake ranges, tinker with the web site and get some wonderful photos done.

Nat is going to share some of her work in designing and making beautiful cakes and cupcakes as well as developing the new products we are going to introduce soon.

Between us, we are looking forward to sharing some tips and techniques that you might try yourself at home and we really hope that you will interact with us. Give us feedback, ideas for topics you’d like to see here and of course, what your favourite cake you would like to see more about!

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Catch up soon now that Cake Wellington is back in action!

Cate and Nat